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This is what professionals say about the product

- excellent for large game and for those who want to sell large game as well.

“Jørund Lien I Jakt”, no 10/2005”

- We thought we had good insight and knew all about tenderizing since we have people on the team who have been hunting moose for 45 years. But we will definitely buy a Gameguard. That will be a good investment.

“Big game hunter Rune Sørholt in an interview with “Verdalingen”, November 26, 2005”

- This Norwegian-developed Game Guard is quite simply a stroke of genius!

Dag Sundseth in “Vi Menn”, no 34/2005” 

- Using this instrument, you can assure that the game is hung sufficiently.

“Svensk Jakt”, no 9/2005”

- Far too many hunting teams neglect the importance of tenderizing (….)

But with Game Guard, your Sunday steak will definitely be easier to chew.

“Jaktmarker & Fiskevatten”, no 12/2005”

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Total control of the tenderizing process

Maximum meat quality with Suvitek gameguard.

Suvitek gameguard keeps track of the tenderizing conditions, measures the temperature, the relative humidity and calculates the average temperature. With Suvitek gameguard you know exactly how long tenderization has been in process and you have an excellent opportunity for optimal meat quality after your hunting trip.

Suvitek gameguard is an excellent tool for hunters who want to take best possible care of their game. Suvitek gameguard tells you exactly how far the tenderizing process has come and estimates the time remaining before the meat should be cut. Suvitek gameguard was developed in collaboration with experienced hunters.

Suvitek gameguard is easy to program and easy to use. An instruction booklet explains how to obtain the best possible results.

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