Prototype testing:

The Game Expert AS

The Game Expert AS buys and sells game, mainly reindeer and moose. Reindeer are butchered and delivered from butcher to The Game Expert AS for cutting and processing.
Gameguard has been tested by The Game Expert AS in Steinkjer, Norway. During the 2004 fall hunting season a considerable amount of moose meat was discarded due to hanging in unfavorable weather conditions. Harry Dyrstad, the manager of The Game Expert AS, who was active in the development of gameguard, believes that it will be useful both for private and commercial use. Dyrstad concludes that gameguard is a valuable aid for all hunters who want to take care of their game – especially where a controlled hanging environment is not immediately available.
The Game Expert’s advice to all hunters:

          Good Hunting!

Hunting Instructor at Bangdalen Hunting School
Tor Kolsås is a hunting instructor at Bangdalen Hunting School in Bangdalen, Norway. He tested the gameguard prototype on various types of game with very good results during the period from October 2004 to December 2004. The parameter information that was most important as well as most interesting was that concerning temperature and relative humidity. Autumn is a season with variable weather conditions which can lead to deterioration in the quality of game. It is, therefore, important to use all available aids to take care of our natural resources in the best possible way.
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